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  1. Car Chat
    despite speculation, i am purchasing a 1.6 and have been offered one for 250 which i think is a fair price, just gathering opinions though, i imagine it has plenty of pulling power andi have already been quoted on insurance, so it will be sitting pretty in the garage for a while before hand
  2. Projects and Builds
    プロジェクト東京 Project Tokyo [Summer 2012] Hey everyone Im back! :thumbs_up:Not sure if anyone remembers me or Project Osaka. I had a few years away due to real life commitments, one of those being a year in Japan. Sorry for the swift departure without any goodbyes but life sometimes throws these...
  3. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Ok so i don't no if im posting this thread in the right section or not, sorry if im not. Im having problems with my speedo, tacho and mileage. When my car is idling the tacho is reading 0 and when im driving the speedos definatley out, i think its roughly out by 10mph. And the milage seems out...
  4. Cars for sale
    Not had it long and have been after a GSi for nearly 10 years but £1300 a year insurance and now losing my job i cant afford to keep it 1.6 16v Flame Red 88k ( will rise as in use daily ) Standard Alloys Only non standard items are...... Stupid max power induction filter (better one included...
  5. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    I think this is probably the best place to put this thread. I got final quote for my 1.6 Sport all modifications declared but they will only cover me up to 50mm so 40mm springs it's going to be, I'm not running coilies. My 1.2 is down 40mm at the moment, and I like how low the back is, not the...
  6. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    Hi guys, I'm after a 1.6 16v Corsa Sport, preferable close to RG26 but let me know what you have got. Spec: - Preferably standard, a few mods I dont mind - Black or Red are the only two colours i will consider at this time - Body work must be good - Low to Medium millage - Must have MOT Let me...
  7. Projects and Builds
    Danny's Arden Blue 1.6 Sport :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) New car :D:D:D:D Picking her up in a couple of days once insurance and tax is sorted.
  8. Cars for sale
    3 door sport model - first reg in 1999. SOLD AS SEEN ... Average condition throughout for its age. Rust spots around the edges. Few repaired chips in windscreen. Driver side seatbelt needs replacing - have part available with car. Front passenger tyre needs replacing as spare being used...
  9. Parts for sale
    hi, looking to sell a few things so i thought i would start with this. i have for sale 1x 1.6 16v ECU taken from my corsa W reg the ECU had been professionally chipped by superchips, which costs a pretty penny! i have all the paper work to prove it has been done. The ECU was in full working...
  10. Cars for sale
    I have for sale my Black Vauxhall Corsa Sport, 1.6 16v. Specification and info; 2000 (X) Registered 90,000 Miles on the clock (will go up due to been daily driver) MOT - Until September 2010 Tax - Until September 2010 Service History (All MOTs, Tax Discs and Receipts) Electric Windows; Auto...
  11. Cars for sale
    Okay, sellin' a 97/R reg Escort Chicane, 1.6 16v Zetec. 67k Miles, Full Service History. Will have new 12 month MOT. Bodywork pretty decent for its age, lil rust on arches, nothin' major. Drives beautifully, need to sell, gettin' my Vectra this week. £899 ono. PM me, needs to go this week lol.
1-11 of 11 Results