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  1. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    just after a decent priced one if anyone is breaking, girlfriend keeps taking the piss about my tiny exhaust, no innuendo intended
  2. Ebay and other external links
    nice back box here that im sellin was of a system that cost £300 its yours for £70 or make an offer :thumbs_up: FROM TWICKENHAM SO PM ME AND LET ME KNOW
  3. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    I’m looking to get a new backbox but I don’t know which one to get, what are the best ones to get for a Corsa? I was looking at an Irmscher twin backbox but I'm not sure, good buy or not? Could people put up pictures of their exhausts on their cars please? Regards, Dan :)
  4. Parts for sale
    Hey all not been on here for a while, my corsa died so she went to the scrappys.... Have some bit knocking about Brand New Cherry Bomb Exhaust... 70mm exit rolled outward tip Standard Back Box from a 1.2 16v corsa been on car for like 2 hours Asking £40 for pair posted, Preffer to meet up...
  5. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    There are probably Garden gnomes endangering you life by hammering away at the underside of your car! :welcome:
  6. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Hi just had fitted a sebring back box on a 1.0 corsa b was hoping the sound would change and be louder but not much change at all,any one got any ideas as to why and what can be done to emprove it. Thanks in advance.
1-6 of 6 Results