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  1. Interior & Exterior
    Hello Everyone, My first post here. Not sure if i am in the right place. My question is i need Silver Bumper Front and driver side head light for my Tigra(Car hit with a pole on side road :( which caused damage to my driver's side front Bumper and headlight). Not sure if Corsa's Bumper and...
  2. Ebay and other external links
    Here are the listing to my items, currently only on used sandwell ebay comming soon. Delivery is available on all items but must be paid upfront after the item(s) are weighed and i have an price, or you can arrange delivery your self and we can arrange collection times and payments first. for...
  3. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    I am in need of a Corsa b GSi bumper grill, i have already tried a Vauxhall garage and they told me that the is only 5 left and there not in this country and they also told me it could cost anything over 50 quid to get one shipped here. If anyone has one or know anyone with one please let me know.
  4. Interior & Exterior
    I had a bump last year and in need of some new parts which are relatively cheap in price so need you help: Air con Rad Crash bar in the front Clips to re-attach the front bumper Heater bearings Front V with vauxhall badge on Interior sun visor mirror :palm::palm::palm:
  5. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    Hey guys i'm after a star silver front bumper for my corsa so I can sell it. Would like to have one as local as possible. Only looking to spend about 30-40 max for one in a good condition.
  6. Interior & Exterior
    does anybody know if it's actually possible to get a new front splitter for the 98 front bumper? my bumper looks so odd without one and no matter where i look i can't find one. i can either buy one that someone has already taken off or i may just have to go down to the scrappies and see if i can...
  7. Interior & Exterior
    hey guys, im kinda kicking myself because im not sure what i actually need. im getting new front and rear bumpers (original) in black plastic as i dont really like the colour coded bumpers.. the thing is, my car originally has this type of bumper this type of bumper (image taken from ebay) is...
  8. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    hi! just looking for a couple of things for my W 3dr ardy :) front bumper (arden blue) angel headlights silver a speedo head "/ thanks for looking xD
  9. Interior & Exterior
    can anyone identify what this rubber bit is and where i can get a replacement as mine has got a bit battered
  10. Ebay and other external links
    My GSi bumper is up on Ebay, incase any of you were interested. As said, not in great condition but can be fixed with come filler and plastic weld if you have the time and skill to do so. Would be nice to see this saved. Dan :)
  11. Interior & Exterior
    Hi guys. Some twit hit the corsa the other day cracking the paint. I was wondering how much this should cost to fix? I have been quoted £95 just to fill and respray the cracked part of the paint which seems steep to me. what do you think? well for some reason I cant upload the picture. Can be...
  12. Parts for sale
    For Sale: GSi Front bumper in Caribic Blue and Post 97 bumper in Black comes with badgeless grill and irmscher silhouette badge Condition: Used Price: £120 - GSi bumper £70 - Post 97 bumper £50 Payment: Cash on collection, Paypal or Bank Transfer Contact method: PM or e-mail...
  13. Interior & Exterior
    Hi all, as titled, can anyone recommend a decent place to get my bumpers/wheel arches/side trims sprayed from plastic to a paint finish? I am based in Bracknell, can anyone recommend somewhere reasonably near? Thanks
  14. Interior & Exterior
    Hi so i bought my corsa and got a bodykit thrown in free of charge :) well im only going to fit the front bumper i think. its in a pretty bad state and its been sprayed very bad so im going to spend my weekend off fixing this basically i just need a materials list because not too sure what to...
  15. Interior & Exterior
    Hey guys, I want to colour code my bumpers, wheel arches and door handles. Was wondering roughly how much this would cost me? Has anyone had this done and could tell me how much it cost and where they got it done? Thanks :)
  16. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    Hey guys, I'm looking for some parts for my 1999 vauxhall corsa :) - Arden Blue Arches - Arden Blue Roof Runners - Arden Blue Door Handles - Arden Blue Boot Lock Surround - Arden Blue Engine Cover Thanks!
  17. Interior & Exterior
    alright guys, im stuck in the middle of taking my rear bumper off... ive took the rear arches off and unscrewed all the screws on the bumper but there seems to be something holding it in where the back of the arch connects with the bumper and i dont wanna force anything and brake it any advice?
  18. Parts for sale
    Hey all, Ive got a set (4) of 14" alloys (Vauxhall Standards) in my garage that I have never fitted - all with a fair amount of tread but a few scuffs & scrapes - was going to sand, prime & respray these but just don't have the time or money to! £30 Collected from Sandy SOLD Also I have a Pre...
  19. Parts for sale
    GSI front and back bumper, sanded down, almost ready for priming about half an hours work left, grill and fogs included. looking for around £110ish open to offers! cash on collection as to big and bulky to deliver Adam
  20. Tutorials for Interior & Exterior
    Hey all, just got my new slatted grille courtesy of pinkferret (thanks) so thought i'd take a few pics of the process of fitting it for the forum. The only other grill tutorial was from (i think) dearing, which was a mash up on a pre-97 bumper using mesh. Thought i'd do this one to keep it up...
1-20 of 22 Results