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  1. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    hi all, i have a 1996 holden combo "same as corsa b" but delivery van. any way it has a c14nz in it and im done with the lack of performance. Now option 1.. i have an option of buying a complete donor combo with the c14se and i have a toyota sc14 supercharger. option 2 buy a 00 ts astra and...
  2. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Hi, hoping you guys can help me sort this out... My Corsa-B with C14NZ 8v Single Point Injection is on the fritz. It actually goes into two distinct modes as I have observed: Behavior 1: 1. When starting the car for the first time in the day, it cranks then starts but there's some sort of...
1-2 of 2 Results