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cd player
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  1. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi Guys, Im new on here and need some advice I have a Vauxhall Corsa S EcoFlex 1.2 3Dr on a 12 Plate Right so here is my issue... My Passenger front Speaker is not working, I have had the door cards off both sides and plugged the Passenger speaker onto the drivers side and it works fine, The...
  2. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi, I am having a problem with the radio turning itself on and in the morning the battery will be flat. :confused: Would this be a faulty radio or issue somewhere else in the wiring, I'm assuming its in the radio. It happens weather the car is locked or not. Has anyone else had this issue...
  3. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hello, I have Corsa C 2002 with a cassette player and I want to upgrade it to CD player. I dont want to by cheap after market CD players so went to scrapyard and have tried several CD players. All their Corsas were 2004 upwards. How could I put 2005 CD player into 2002 because both have...
  4. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Can anyone advise me on the feasibility of fitting another radio as per the subject line in my Corsa reg.2002 Comfort 1.2i? Searching only results in too many variants but no concrete advice on that particular vehicle! Regards Peter.
1-4 of 4 Results