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  1. Interior & Exterior
    hi there...happy join you!!!!! can anyone give me the correct chassis measurements in order to repair my from cross bar after light crash? i wnat the distanve between 2 fron wings thanks in advance!!!
  2. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    ok so I ended up smashing through a fence at 30mph and stopping in a ditch courtesy of ice on a roundabout and my beloved corsa b is quite hurt. I am looking at repairing myself since ALL the damage was cosmetic and i just need body replacements. I really need help here, so ideally I am looking...
  3. Car Chat
    just came across this its a bit of a shame but they were obviously pushing the car to much
  4. Car Chat
    After looking at the thread on CS similar to this and talking to Vegas about it i thought i'd put one up here to see what peoples crashes have been like. So post up some pictures of yours or your mates crashes and let us know how they happened. I can't start it off as i thankfully havent had a...
1-4 of 4 Results