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    Hi, new member here about to replace the rattly chain on my daughters 1.0 52 plate Corsa. Has anyone bought and fitted one of the kits from EBAY and if so are they any good. Seems you can get the whole kit incl sprockets for about 60 quid which is way less then Eurocarparts. Also, is it do-able...
  2. Ebay and other external links
    My GSi bumper is up on Ebay, incase any of you were interested. As said, not in great condition but can be fixed with come filler and plastic weld if you have the time and skill to do so. Would be nice to see this saved. Dan :)
  3. Ebay and other external links
    Not mine but came across them yesterday. Could be a possible bargain for someone. Dan :)
1-3 of 3 Results