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engine conversion
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  1. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Hi petrol heads šŸ˜› I have a z20let from an Astra G coupe on my Corsa B 95' and I want four seperate throttle bodies not just the big one. But i can't find an Individual Throttle Bodie kits for the z20let! Can anyone help me out?
  2. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Hello, I'm looking to swap my 1.2 8v (Z12SZ) Engine for a 1.4 16v X14XE Engine. I've got the entire car so I was wondering what would i need to take from the 1.4 to put in my 1.2. Engine mounts, brakes, drive shafts? Anything else? Would appreciate the help. Thanks Guys
  3. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    I am looking to put a 1.4 16v engine from a corsa B S reg facelift model into my Corsa B 1.2 8v which is an N reg, I've had a close look at the engine bays on both, and looking at the engine mounts, it looks to me that the engine mounts are different for attaching to the chassis? would i need to...
  4. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    :( Bought a 2000 W reg 1.0 Corsa last week for Ā£450. Left it on the drive for few days as i was waiting to sell my Clio so i could insure it, came to start it and it really struggled to start and was puffin loads of ****** grey coloured smoke out when i revved it, there was also a horrible...
  5. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Iv got a 1997 Corsa 1.2 8v LS and im thinkin of changing the engine for something bigger. Im thinkin along the lines of maybe a 1.6 16v or even a 2 litre. Can anyone give me some ideas to which engines iv got a choice of and the size of the job it'd take to fit. I can pay up to around Ā£2000 or...
1-5 of 5 Results