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fan radiator switch
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  1. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hello, and Help ;-) - Corsa B 1x10XE EchoTec 1999 - The cooling fan some times doesnt switch-on, and the temp. try to rise over 100º 1... I want to run some tests,,, but i need to be sure where is located the the FAN-SWITCH SENSOR, (the one that switches on the cooling fan when water temp. rich...
  2. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi like most people concerning this issue my rad fan wont come on on my corsa 1.4 56 plate fuses ok ( the big 30 amp ones) the motor works as i have connected it to a direct power source i have put in a new switch ( the one at the top right hand side that looks like a metal barrel ) still...
1-2 of 2 Results