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headlight bulbs

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  1. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Morning all, Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere already, I'm struggling to find a thread. I have a 2001 1.2 Corsa Comfort. The other night I attempted to fit some 55w ice white bulbs in my headlight and full beam sockets as I have done many many times with other cars. They didn't...
  2. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi im thinking of replacing my standard headlight bulbs with some LED ones 1) Is it easy to get to the bulbs and take them out 2) Are LEd's legal 3) Would you recommend? Vauxhall Corsa C Club 12V
  3. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi. I want to fit some new head lights to my corsa c that are brighter then the factory fitted ones. Which ones are good, cheap bright and road legal? Also if there's already a thread saying how to fit them a link wil be much appreciated.
  4. Trader Offers Section
    Hi, After receiving feedback from several car clubs, we have decided to offer discounts in a different way. Regal Auto Bulbs Ltd are pleased to be able to offer all members 10% off on our full range of vehicle bulbs. To take advantage of this offer, enter the following code at checkout...
1-4 of 4 Results