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  1. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hello I am wondering if anyone can help me, I own a 57 plate Vauxhall/Opal Corsa D 1.3CDTI 5 door. When I brake the top strip light on the tailgate illuminates however the brake lights in the two light clusters on either side of the rear of the car do not. I have read a number of forums with...
  2. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Hi guys I've got an 09 plate Corsa Life D which has had an engine management light on for a while now. Initially it wasn't a 'problem' and we took it to a mechanic who we know and he recommended changing some sensors (possible lambda? I will pay close attention in future!) and he did so and...
  3. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi all somebody please help me!!! I've got a Corsa C few bulbs on my speedo have gone so I've bought a LED replacement set of bulbs. I need to obv replace the bulbs but I can't figure out how to do it. The garage are wanting £40 to put them in for me but that's extortion. Please is there a...
  4. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    Hi im thinking of replacing my standard headlight bulbs with some LED ones 1) Is it easy to get to the bulbs and take them out 2) Are LEd's legal 3) Would you recommend? Vauxhall Corsa C Club 12V
  5. Tutorials for Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    TOOLS Wire strippers Phillips screwdriver THINGS YOU'LL NEED 1x Vectra B smoked interior light 30cm of speaker cable 1x Festoon bulb (same as corsa one) 2x 501 bulbs 1x Small screw STEP 1 Get yourself a Vectra B smoked interior map light :) STEP 2 Get two small lengths of cable...
  6. Ice, Electrics & Lighting
    It was all fine i got out of the car ( 1997 corsa breeze 12v 1.2) i got back in 20 mins later and the Battery warning light had come on and the speedo, temperature and petrol gauge had stoped working. i had prviously tried to replace bulbs behind the heating controls the night before i had taken...
  7. Interior & Exterior
    my dad has just given me some spotlights that he had on an old escort, we've checked that they're working and now i just need to fit them. problem is i cant find any spotlight brackets for a corsa B. can anyone help??
1-7 of 7 Results