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  1. Projects and Builds
    Just got my Corsa SRi 1.8 a few days ago! Looking at changing all blue bits to black going for a stealth look. Not sure if I should get the wheels powder coated or do them my self. May have to raise it slightly as it doesn't get on well with pot holes as I put in my last thread. Any one got any...
  2. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Morning all This weekend i lowered my Corsa from 30mm down to 60mm. It's now sat on Jamex 60mm springs. Overall i'm pretty chuffed with the outcome. My only query is this: With my Previous (Gmax 30mm) springs, i had removed the top rubber pieces on the springs. Whether or not this was a good...
  3. Parts for sale
    Hey Guys, The time has come to break my Corsa for parts, MOT Fail =( It's: 1995 1.4 8V Corsa LS 3Door in Flame Red All parts are for sale just PM me. Here are my specific asking prices: -60mm Uprated front shocks and springs incl. rear springs - £40 + p&p -Calibra Leathers (Front, Rear && Door...
  4. Parts for sale
    I Have a pair of unknown brand -40mm rear springs for a Corsa B I brought them off Ebay for £35 a few months back and never fitted them (they were second hand) I'l give them a washing off and a tidy up but could probably do with a new coat of paint. They are currently red As for pictures they...
1-4 of 4 Results