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  1. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hi guys. Wanting to get my alloys refurbed and resprayed. Unsure on colour? [/URL] upload[/IMG]
  2. Interior & Exterior
    Hi guys. Some twit hit the corsa the other day cracking the paint. I was wondering how much this should cost to fix? I have been quoted £95 just to fill and respray the cracked part of the paint which seems steep to me. what do you think? well for some reason I cant upload the picture. Can be...
  3. Interior & Exterior
    Hello, Just a quick question regarding the drivers side rear panel on a 3 door corsa. I have a dent which ive ispon'd, rubbed down and resprayed myself. I'm not completely happy with it, just wondered if anyone knew roughly how much it would cost to respray that back panel professionally...
  4. Parts for sale
    Got a set of (4) Corsa C Active alloys + tyres for sale! recently resprayed and i'm wanting to sell them as i have no corsa anymore. wanting to sell before christmas really. MiiCK. :thumbs_up:
1-4 of 4 Results