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side skirts
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    Here are the listing to my items, currently only on used sandwell ebay comming soon. Delivery is available on all items but must be paid upfront after the item(s) are weighed and i have an price, or you can arrange delivery your self and we can arrange collection times and payments first. for...
  2. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    Mainly wanting a gsi front bumper, i dont mind smoothed or non smooted bumpers. please message me a price you would like for it Also, if the front bumper is too many money im looking for side skirts too, if cheap enough i'd but the whole gsi set, if now just skirts. thank you.
  3. Parts for sale
    Hi, Had these for about a year now, but just not what I wanted for my car, I've kept umm-ing and arr-ing about it but having seen them fitted I've decided they're not for me and need to go. They're in good condition, with one refurbished and resprayed. The other has slight cracking in the paint...
1-3 of 3 Results