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  1. Mechanical, Exhaust & Performance/Tuning
    Hello again, I'm in a pickle. I was at a set of lights and I pulled away I heard a clatter and something hitting the road, I stopped and found what looks like a bit of spring. But I can't see where it has come from, it doesn't look like a suspension spring as the diameter is smaller and I can't...
  2. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Does anyone know where I can buy coil springs in London?
  3. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Normally there is a spring (leaf spring?) attached to the pressure regulating valve so that the rear brake wont lock (in theory). On my corsa this spring corroded and is now loose, is this dangerous ? Could the breaks lock without the spring or will the valve still work but with less...
1-3 of 3 Results