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  1. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    I have a Corsa c and the tyres are completely bald. can someone please tell me where I can buy tyres and get them fitted, I work various hours so if I have to get them fitted it would have to be at a convenient time for me.
  2. Parts for sale
    Hi all, I'm selling my Corsa soon so it's time for my beloved Vauxhall 5 spokes to go! They're in immaculate condition as they were refurbed just before I had them 18 months ago and I have driven very carefully with them on. NO kerbing. One has some slight blemishes, not from driving damage...
  3. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Title says it all im looking for a set of 4 alloys with 4 decent tyres willing to pay postage , show me pictures and prices please
  4. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    I took the front wheels off today to change discs and pads and found both tires worn on the inside... The offside tyre was worse; bald on the inside. The car suspension is standard and i'm guessing the front wheels are cambered? Any other ideas? Also, how much does it cost on average to get all...
  5. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    My mate has just sent me a link to a website where you can get a free tyre pressure and depth gauge so that you can check the depth of tread on your tyres. Should help you avoid the Rozzers :) Get yours now at:
  6. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    What tyre size can I get away with on cesaros? Something like 195/50 be ok? Its for a corsa b, not lowered or anything. Which brings me to my next question...would I be ok lowering it 40mm on 195/50s or would I need something different? Oh and also any chance of some photos of your corsas with...
  7. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    I’m looking at getting some Vectra SRi alloys that are 6J and the standard tyres I believe are 205/55/R16 but I have a set of Dezents on at the moment which are also 6J but the tyres they have on them are 195/50/R15. What I don’t get is how can two wheels with the same J rating have 2 different...
  8. Cars, Parts, and general items wanted
    Hi, I'm after a set of Cesaros or a set of Vectra SRi alloys, preferably with tyres but not essential. Regards, Dan :)
  9. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hello. Can anyone suggest a descent set of wheels for my silver 1.4 sport (1998). I really like the look of the Irmscher ones. They are called soft* something? Or maybe some tigra 5 spokes or corsa SXI alloys, Cav slabs or Corsa GSI alloys. I'm gonna ask around at some salvage yards but can...
  10. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    Hi, as the title says, what are the best size tyres to get for Cesaros to fit a Corsa B? Sorry if this has been asked before, i dont really have time to search at the moment. Regards, Dan :)
  11. Wheels, Brakes and Suspension
    i am going to have to replace my front two tyres anyone give me some advice what kind to get ? becuse i have no idea where to start.. never had to buy new tyres etc before because only had my car a few month :laugh: i have corsa c sxi wheels if this helps cheers :D
1-11 of 11 Results