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Hi all, first post here so please don't be to hard on me :)

I have a 2002 corsa c, with the recent cold weather its brought my attention rapidly to the defroster/heater on the inside of the rear window.

I think about only 3 strips are working at various heights, suffice to say its a bit more like gambling than driving - but on the plus side I am getting more exercise from diving into the back seat every morning

I've done a little bit off digging and I see you can get those repair kits from halfords (the ones with conductive paint, so you just paint over th template and this fixes each 'line'

they are a bit scratched, and although I haven't looked at each 'line' that isn't working (I moved house recently so car full of stuff may have scratched them - my explanation anyway)

so what I wanted to ask was - has anyone tried these kits? I think my choice is either one/or two of these and a bit of patience, a replacement t windscreen off ebay and find someone to fit it or an autoglass jobby

With some 'lines' actually working I think the heater itself works and its just the scratches thats stopping the others so for about a tenner and a couple of hours I should be ok... maybe lol

so yeah if anyones been in this position/tried this/can offer advice I'd be grateful to hear from you.

Cheers, Gary
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