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07 reg 1.3.cdti combo van it all starts ok but no control over the throttle what so ever unless I start it with foot to the floor then it will rev to about 5tho rpm but then if I let it idle then go to throttle it again back to no control over the throttle again any ideas would be really helpful I've had a code reader on it and it says air flow sensor and air temperature intake sensor so replaced them with new ones stil got the same codes and having the same problem I've been told it could be the ecu to it could be the egr valve

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Hi there well all you have in the circuit is the throttle body, the ecu and the pedal sensors, i would do a code test on it first, it's probably the pedal sensor.....but you ought to check first....might be worth checking the fuses....Fred.

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Ok thanks for your reply do you have any ideas on the fuse number and the codes are p0403 exhaust gas recirculation control circuit then p0110 intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit then p0100 mass or volume air flow a circuit iv replaced the maf and intake temp sensors with brand new ones I've got all the egr apart right now and when I put power to the egr solinoid it has life was not very dirty well not dirty anuth to corse any problems

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Hi Not really on the fuses, i will put a list of Corsa C below that might be helpful. well egr problems are usually the valve sticking open, you have to take it off and spray some brake cleaner or some solvent on the plunger and make sure it closes....actually having a rethink, its a diesel not a petrol right?, so all that about throttle body is wrong, but i believe you still have sensor on pedal and ecu, but the the air intake doesn't control the fuel, its done at the high pressure pump....if it has swirl flaps on i would make sure there connected and working, their on the inlet manifold i believe....and make sure there are no air leaks from MAF to engine on air might be worth disconnecting the battery for awhile or overnight, that might even cure the problem....also check for any air leaking coming into the high pressure pump, like fuel filter housing for instance...good luck from Fred in Essex.

Vauxhall Corsa C, 2001, 1 Litre, fuses and Relay's etc.
1 Central control unit
2 Engine control unit
3 Instruments, information display, horn, hazard warning lights flashers, immobilizer
4 Number plate lamp
5 Electric window lifters
6 Automatic transmission
7 Headlamp washer system
8 Starter
9 Fuel injection system, fuel pump
10 Horn
11 Central control unit
12 Information display, infotainment system, radio
13 Anti-theft alarm system
14 Exterior mirrors
15 Windscreen wash system
16 Courtesy lamp
17 Central control unit
18 Sun Roof
19 Anti-theft alarm system
20 Window lifters
21 N/U
22 Central control unit
23 Windscreen wipers
24 Infotainment system, information display, courtesy lamp, instruments EPS, Immobilizer
25 Brake lamps
26 (Petrol) cigg lighter. (Diesel) automatic transmission, fuel injection system, reverse lamps, cigg lighter
27 Seat heating
28 Seat heating
29 Windscreen wash system
30 (Petrol) Engine control unit. (Diesel) Engine control unit, stationary heater
31 Air conditioning system
32 Heated rear window
33 N/U
34 Diesel filter heater
35 Tilt /Slide sunroof, window lifters, radio
36 Dipped Headlamp beam
37 Dipped Headlamp beam
38 Tail lamp left, parking lamp left
39 Tail lamp right, parking lamp right
40 N/U
41 Fog lights
42 Fog tail lamp
43 Main beam left
44 Main beam right
45 Air conditioning system, heater blower motor
46 Engine control unit
47 Heated rear window
48 Starter
49 EPS
50 ABS
51 (Petrol) Easytronic. (Diesel) Engine control unit
52 Cooling fan petrol or diesel engine with or without Air Con
53 Air conditioning system (petrol and diesel, different fuses)

1 Cooling Fan (A) (Green)
2 Cooling fan (C)
3 Cooling fan (D)
4 A/C Compressor
5 Cooling fan (B)
6 N/U
7 ECU (Pink /Purple)
8 Signal converter module, vehicle speed left (orange)
9 Right signal converters
10 Fuel Pump (Pink/Purple)
11 Heated rear window (grey /beige)
12 Washer pump and headlight
13 Auxililary Ignition (yellow)
14 Starter (yellow)
15 Ignition (yellow)
16 Rear fog (small black)
17 N/U
18 PL R Park (small black)
19 High beam (small black)
20 PL L Park (small black)
21 Low beam (small black)

The Box next to the battery, held down with 7 torx screws. (weatherproof when refitting top)


1 K24D dead lock
2 K24A drivers door
3 K24C unlock
4 K24B lock
5 K74 rear washer pump
6 K70 front washer pump
7 K67 horn alarm
8 K54 licence plate
9 K68B wiper stage 2
10 K47 trumpet horn
11 K69A wiper stage 1
12 K56 rear wiper
13 K66 turn signal, yellow large relay at front, twin section inside cover.
14 N/U
15 N/U
16 N/U
17 BCM (Body Control Module or Multi timer)

..................From Fred in Essex 2017
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