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hi all my car currently has the 1.2 16v engine and i have had nothing but trouble with it so i have been looking into a conversion im not wanting massive power im just wanting a working engine so i was talking to a friend of mine who can get me a 1.4 16v engine without a gearbox for £200 so can anybody tell me if this is a simple swap and can i use the mounts and loom off the 1.2 engine thanks in advance and sorry if this is not in the correct section

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you will need:

1.4 engine
1.4 gearbox
1.4 loom
1.4 ecu
1.4 keychip
1.4 transponder
1.4 rad
1.4 hoses
1.4 mounts
1.4 exhaust
1.4 brakes


sell yours and buy a 1.4.
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