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Omega CDX 2.5i V6 manual CDX X-reg

Good points:
RWD, manual, V6...!
Clocks showing 88k
Logbook shows 1 previous owner
Being the CDX model it has loads of factory spec like Xenons, headlight washers, aircon, fogs, alloys, e/w, e/m, r/c/l, e/sr
I've walked around it, and it's free from any glaringly obvious damage, rust, etc...
Alloys seem very tidy
It starts first time every time and ticks over nicely
I've driven it about 200 metres. There don't appear to be any knocks or crunching from suspension/gearbox etc...
Brakes work well

Other than that I know very little about it

It's £330, which you could probably get double that by selling the Xenons, alloys, V6 engine, cats and weighing the rest in.

Bearing that in mind I won't be taking a penny less.

Bad points:
No tax or test. It does have a couple of old MOTs.
Keyfob doesn't appear to do the R/C/L (cheap for a new one)
Slight misfire, but still drives ok. I'm told it's the coilpack. I have a Calibra V6 coilpack that can be included if needed.

I have only owned the car for a couple of hours, so only have the tear-off section from the logbook, which you send with a form to the DVLA and get a full logbook back.
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