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I had been looking for a car for ages before my birthday. Finally 2 days after my birthday (April 9th) ,passed test 2 months after birthday :D, I bought my red vauxhall corsa b aged 15 years! Only done 62 thousand miles :D years mot and 3 months tax and only 2 owners! I thought this was really good for £1000! :D
Mod's Currently done
15" BK Racing alloys
Panasonic Head unit
Sony x-plod 6" door speakers
6x9" Parsal shelf speakers
Boot light
Calipers and brake drums painted red
Mod's for future
De-badge back
De-badged grill
smoked side lights
Xenon side&front bulbs
blackout back windows
cigrate lighter
Sub (not sure either)
Induction kit window stickers
blue led interior light conversion
Possible Mod's
Exhaust system
side skirts
Steering wheel
This will be a slow project due to lack of funds!
Please comment with idea's, links etc.. :D :thumbs_up::cool:

When first got it nice and clean!

Engine condition!

Condition of old door speakers!

Bk racing alloys!

Car just cleaned!

Back view!

Center consol

Back parsal speakers!
Will try update this as much as can but due to lack of funds will be a slow project, also when all cleaned and pollished will post new photos :D

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To upload photo's, go to , sign up, upload your pictures to that, once uploaded click the picture. On the side it will have a few codes, HTML,IMG ect. Copy the IMG code, and paste it onto the forum.

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Your getting stickers? bit harsh since you signed up to a different site:p

welcome to ac mate
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