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We have a '99 Corsa B 1.0 12v, X10XE engine with 84000 miles on it. It's been sat unused in a garage since around March or April. As far as I'm aware, before then it ran fine (but I didn't actually drive it). Last weekend I took it for an MOT, which it failed on emissions (and a few other simpler things). Specifically, the lambda reading was around 1.3. CO and HC readings were fine (0.01% and ~120ppm respectively). In addition to this, the car had no pull, especially in first gear. On even a gentle hill start, I was having to floor the throttle and feather the clutch or the engine would stall. When changing to second, the acceleration was a little better, but in third it was so short on power that it slowed from 25mph to below 20mph going over a canal bridge. It also just sounds rough, takes a couple of seconds to start from cold and the engine fault light is on constantly.

The garage that did the MOT suggested changing the coil pack and spark plugs, which I did last night. Initially it sounded a little better, but driving around revealed that it still had no power. At this point, we're not keen on spending much money on getting it sorted, because if it's going to be a pain we'd rather scrap it, wait a few months and get something newer and nicer.

From reading around, it seems that a common cause of this engine having no power is the MAF meter or the lambda sensor being knackered. I don't have access to a diagnostics checker, so is there any cheap (preferably free) way of checking where the fault is, and if it's likely to be an easy fix?


EDIT: Some extra information I forgot: A compression test has been done, I think the readings were roughly 14, 15 and 16 bar, but I can't check that until tonight.

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Those compression figures sound a bit suspicious, so I think that you need to re check this.
You will find information on this Forum on how to read fault codes without any equipment, but that is all that you can do - read 'em. -This would be a good starting point.

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