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This is my Mother-in-Law’s Vauxhall Corsa Life 1.2 Twinport 3-door.
It is the semi-automatic (Easytronic) version and was first registered in November 2004. Mileage is low at 53000.

She is just the second owner (the original owner was a church) and has had the car for over two years. During this time it has been well cared for with numerous receipts for maintenance items and servicing.
The car is currently taxed until the end of Jan 2014 and MOT’d to Feb 2014.

Now for the bad news:

It has been completely trouble-free until one day last week. She reversed it off our drive into the road and it just stuck. The gearbox wouldn’t select drive or reverse.
The car was collected by the garage and they checked for the cause using a diagnostic scanner. The code F1607 came up which is listed as Clutch Actuator Position Sensor.
It is now showing an ‘F’ on the dash and will not start.

Those of you with experience of these will have a good idea of this problem.

As it happens, my Mother-in-Law has been contemplating giving up driving due to her age and is reluctant to spend money on the car purely to sell it so it goes as it stands.

The Corsa is currently not driveable so is therefore being sold as ‘in need of repair’ and will need to be trailered away.
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