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Having problems starting my 2008 Corsa when the weather is warm outside...

The spanner flashes as soon as I insert the key (without even twisting it to start) which signifies the key not being recognised?
I eventually get it to start after 10 - 15 minutes of trying. Below is a video of the problem.

It seems to be when the interior of the car is warm as I opened the door for 45 minutes yesterday to cool down and then it started.

It's been to the mechanics twice!!
My mechanic told me it was as transponder problem and not recognising the keys... they have put in a brand new battery and replaced the Body Control Module so far.

But the problem remains...

P0704 Clutch switch input malfunction
P1632 Wrong Transponder key
P1679 Wrong Environment Identifier Received BCM
B1319 Immobilizer Receiver Circuit Malfunction
B2575 Left Low Beam Circuit Open
B3600 Interior Dimming Switch Circuit Open

Anyone shed any light?

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