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Hi All.

My wife's got a 2010 Corsa 1.2 16v "Energy". It was given its 4th service by Vauxhall in March this year. So replacement filters, oil and spark plugs. We put it away in the garage end of March as my wife uses my old Mk1 MX-5 in the summer.

Unfortunately I forgot to disconnect the battery when we put it away, so it wouldn't start when it was time to swap the cars over. Jump started it off my car and all seemed fine apart from what looked like an occasional mis-fire while idling. Left it running for half hour, but the battery wasn't charging. Picked up a new battery from Vauxhall and all seemed ok. Although still had the occasional mis-fire at idle. I took it out on a 10 minute run and it seemed fine.

My wife took it to work the next day, and within about 15 minutes she phoned up to say the check engine light was flashing every now and again, but other than that the car was ok. On her way home she said it was still doing it, but now the car was very sluggish when pulling out of junctions, and now the engine light was staying on the whole time.

She got the car home, but it almost sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders. When you put your foot on the accelerator it was very slow to pick up revs, and just doesn't sound like it's running cleanly, and I'm pretty sure I can smell unburnt fuel.

I tried to find the error codes by using the two pedals, but the car isn't showing anything. The engine light stays continuously lit when I try this.

On top of this I don't think the aircon is working anymore either, although that never worked brilliantly before, so could just need regassing.

I'm really surprised this has happened as it's always been serviced regularly, and was serviced so soon before putting it away. It's come out of the garage 6 months later in a bad way.

Has anyone got any ideas what it could be as local dealer can't look at it until middle of next week.

Many Thanks
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