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If the car is anything like due for a FULL service, that alone may cure your problem.
Rather than guess at a remedy for your problem, which could start to get expensive if you buy parts that aren't really required, it would be best to start by getting any fault codes read.
The problem with that is, that codes may be 'historic', meaning that the fault that they refer to has long since been attended to, but the fault code(s) have not been cleared (deleted.)
So, if lack of servicing is NOT the cause, read the codes, clear any that are there and drive the car as normally as possible for a couple of days. Re-read the codes and any new ones probably relate to your problem, which COULD be due to a faulty sensor, but the fault codes will tell you which sensor (if that is what the problem is.)
Should a duff sensor be the cause, I would strongly recommend that you buy only a genuine Vauxhall one, as I have been led astray with some aftermarket (cheaper) ones in the past.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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