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To be honest, 22,000 miles without an oil and filter change is asking a lot of any engine, but especially a new one. That first service is vitally important, as not only should the special factory oil be drained well before then, there is always a (maybe small) quantity of swarf that comes out with that first oil draining, if this is not removed, there is the chance that the oil filter will become at the very least, restricted.

I am rather surprised that a Vauxhall Dealer would misdiagnose a knocking sound for a timing chain problem, so maybe they should be shouldering some of the responsibility for all this, as it does seem that they may have dropped something of a clanger in the fitting of the new chain. Their comments about ,"Take it to a garage", sound more appropriate to a back street, second hand car dealer than an authorised distributor.
It may pay to invest in some legal advice,as I can see problems in trying to get anywhere by simply talking to the Vauxhall Dealer.

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