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First post and have to admit not mechanically minded unfortunately
For reasons too complicated but still no excuse my 11 plate corsa missed its first service.entirely my fault due to illnesses change address etc but ultimately still my responsibility
Booked it in for its service from dealer I had bought it fom and explained that it had missed first one and could they give it service. I also informed that in days leading up to service it had developed a slight knocking sound making it sound like a diesel. Possibly need of a new timing chain was initial verdict and as the car newish they happily changed this under the warranty.
Unfortunately this did not cure the problem which is when they decided it was an oil issue and due to service history not being up to date decided they could do no further inspection under the warranty.
This ,although disappointed , I accepted as fair.
When I went to collect car I asked if they had diagnosed fault and was told that there was a problem with oil getting to the top of the engine but should run ok but should it get worse take to a garage.
After paying for service I asked if car was safe to drive and was assured it was but if got worse to take to a garage, I went to drive home and before I got off forecourt knew all was not well. Car felt sluggish, rattling was a lot louder and engine was not ticking over well.
Before I had driven it couple hundred yards it had cut out twice, engine management light came on and oil light too.
I did a u turn and limped back.
Apparently the problem was engine cover had not been screwed down and was therefore purely an electrical fault.
In hindsight I should have refused to take car but wary of an expensive bill I wanted to take to a local garage who I had used for years and knew would do a good job for fair price.
Car drove only marginally better for couple miles before it cut out again. I then decided best to get it towed to local garage to be assessed
First fault they found was when putting new filter in the sump had not been taken off when timing chain fitted and the seal was gone meaning air was getting drawn into engine. They weren't convinced timing was set properly as it was off. As well. While investigating further the engine has blown and although without fully stripping he won't know cause he said I will need new engine.
Needless to say I am less than impressed. Vauxhall garage say they did all they could and was my responsibility ( which to a certain extent it is) but my question I would like to ask if anyone knows if driving off forecourt in that state could have worsened or do you think damage was already done and this would have made no difference. I presume timing was out due to engine seizing as I can't believe that new chain can be fitted and that not 100 percent correct
Really sorry for length of this I just had to get off chest and even if I don't get a reply I feel better for sharing so apologies.

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Welcome to the Forum.

To be honest, 22,000 miles without an oil and filter change is asking a lot of any engine, but especially a new one. That first service is vitally important, as not only should the special factory oil be drained well before then, there is always a (maybe small) quantity of swarf that comes out with that first oil draining, if this is not removed, there is the chance that the oil filter will become at the very least, restricted.

I am rather surprised that a Vauxhall Dealer would misdiagnose a knocking sound for a timing chain problem, so maybe they should be shouldering some of the responsibility for all this, as it does seem that they may have dropped something of a clanger in the fitting of the new chain. Their comments about ,"Take it to a garage", sound more appropriate to a back street, second hand car dealer than an authorised distributor.
It may pay to invest in some legal advice,as I can see problems in trying to get anywhere by simply talking to the Vauxhall Dealer.

Thanks for your honest reply
I think I just need to put down to experience and lesson learned
I'm not happy with the service I got from such a large well recognised dealership but not sure if I have the desire to fight them over this
I am resigned to having to put new engine in
Thanks for taking time to reply
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