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Selling on behalf of my sister, 51 registration Corsa C Comfort 1.0 12v with 70772miles (will go up daily as shes still using it). 2 former keepers. Light metallic green.

*awaiting pics once its day light*

Originally purchased from a Lease Rental/Disability/Finance Reposession Auction (NOT Salvage Auction) when it had 51k 3 years ago but came with no service history. Completely standard except for a CD player. Has spare key & V5C. HPi clear/Not on V Car.

MOT expires October 30th 2011
Tax expires 31st October 2011

And because shes got more money then sense its been extensivly looked after with receipts for £440 (10/2/09) for a timing chain & headgasket & another one for a whopping £1242.29 (31/8/11) for a complete top end overhaul inc new valves, headgasket, tensioners, fuel filter, plugs, handbrake cables etc etc blah blah from Arnold Clark Vauxhall.

After all the above work, a despute arose between her/us & Arnold Clarke as since its been in there possesion & allegedly repaired its been burning oil & smokes a little & as a result shes basically had enough of it & wants rid. An independant non franchise garage surveyed the vehicle/engine work & came back with a conclusion that the valve stem seals and/or piston rings are frazzle dazzled and as such need replacing. However, it still drives fine & is still being used daily, just its consuming/burning more oil then it should. EML is obviously on, just like every other Corsa C in the world (my C van included!!).

Ideal car for a engine swap out (currently a 63k mile, complete Z10XE on ebay for £350 ~ straight swap)

Price is negotiable to an extent but shes looking in the region of £900.

Naturally she is not, in any way, shape or form interested in swapping it for a set of Speedlines & a GSi kit, nor is she interest in any POS part ex some of you newb's & Corsa C Crew mazzive attempt to flog on via these forums.

This is a straight cash on collection sale only.

Car is located in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.
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