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Hello all,

Well, about a month ago now I purchased my first car, as described in the thread title.

The other day though, I got it on the road and gave it a good run around as it had belonged to a old man before, and had been sitting for 3 months prior to me buying it. So reckoned it needed a clear out ;) gave it a service myself, and changed plugs, oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter, a few gaskets and the timing belt.

Now I've gotten used to it, I've noticed that the temp gauge on the dash won't move unless I'm idling the car and revving it, and this seems to have happened in the last few days. It was fine on the 20 mile drive back from picking it up... :S Thermostat stuck maybe?

And also that the fuel tank seems to make a heck of a lot of noise, nothing mechanical, just fuel sloshing noises when I stop the car suddenly, or corner. I had a look at the pump hole under the seats and all washers where in place and good, but surely the noise shouldn't be as loud as it is? Shouldn't the tank have baffles in it?

Next issue, fuel related again, is it me, or is the Corsa B fuel gauge completely useless? I'll get half a tank going round corners, and a full tank when going up hill, empty when going down. Etc.

Final thing, when Idling or de-clutching in 1st gear it seems to let out a cloud of grey smoke/steam, only when the engine is struggling ( if I don't rev hard enough when pulling away for instance) I can't notice this when the car has ran for a while, no mayo in oil or loss of coolant. It's probably just condensation and I'm worrying for nothing.

All in all it's a good little first car, done 83k in its life, and seemed to thank me for a service too :p it's just those little niggles are bugging me a bit, so I'd appreciate someone with the know, or experience to clear them up. Particularly the fuel gauge one, and temp sensor

So, hope this is posted in the proper place, and sorry for the essay!


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Welcome to the Forum.
You may be right about the thermostat not closing, when you are driving, particularly now that the weather is colder, there is a lot of cold air passing over the radiator, so a closed thermostat would allow the engine to warm up, but if it is continually open, this may never happen, conversely, when the car is standing, there is no cold air going through the radiator, so it does start to warm up
As your white smoke disappears when the engine is warm, it probably is down to condensation, not helped by the open thermostat.
Fuel gauges do tend to read as you say, but it shouldn't jump all over the place, if it does, it probably needs a new tank unit, although you will probably get used to it how it is.

I have no idea about the sloshing sound, - can only suggest that you keep the tank reasonably full.
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