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Thought id condense into a main post :)

As most of you know, my first car was a dud.
the whole frame was bent about 1 1/2 inches
Then when going around a round about a car cut me up and my tyres locked and i slid into the curb which bounced me into the curb again.
Anyway the mechanic took a look at it.. declared it a write-off, told me to scrap it.

In April i got my second corsa -
same colour, 1 year newer.
It was very standard when i got it, as seen below

My Front End

My Rear End

Bad Bit:

My dad then got a friend round to help him sort the rust, however his mate was in a rush and did a **** job on the paintwork..
so needs redoing. As you can see from the picture below the paintwork is bit bubbly

Then my dad done the drivers door and it turnt out like this:

Me and my dad are going to redo the passenger door and boot at some point.

I then bought back to black - which turnt out to be crap!
and thought id give the site some recognition here in london

Then the car was drivable (though i didnt have insurance) so i decided to set up my I.C.E, well the start of it whilst the car was sitting outside.

I bought in my spare parcel shelf, washed it down in the bath and then drew 6x9 template on it

Part of the parcel shelf kinda disintegrated.. but its alright as its covered by the speaker

Speakers Mounted

Ordered a new boot lock surround from an e-bay link provided to me by Steve (Geebs) a post 97 one
so as soon as i received that i went straight outside to fit it!

I then had a load of trouble with autobulbs direct sending me dodgy and wrong bulbs! however 2 of them were okay so i fitted them

I fitted my speakers next into the car and my sony head unit
The car was very dirty but i took a pic anyway!

Next i got my parents to buy me some spray paint, and me and my dad decided to go spraying crazy
Primered Bootlock:

Colour Coded Bootlock:

I then asked ElseyJames to provide me with a photoshop of my car to see how it will look with everything done.

Fitted my Bootlock surround

Debadged the boot

Prepped my mirrors for spraying

Then 29th of May i finally fitted my alloys and turnt my little corsa into a tractor.

But i love it :)

Then for some "Urban Photography"

I then turnt my corsa into a time machine..

well.. not really but i didnt have my phone so i left it default..


1) Back to black bumpers
2) Fit sticker
3) Fit blue LEDS behind centre console
4) Fit blue interior lights
5) Sort rust
6) Fit Alloys
7) Colour Coded Bootlock + Mirrors
8) Colour Coded Interior
9) Blue LEDS Behind Speedo

To Do:

1) Replace Passenger Door
2) Buy & Fit Depos
3) Post 97 Bumpers (Black)
4) Blacken Door handles & Front arches
5) Fix MFD so it doesnt switch off...
6) Replace Brakes

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Isn't that the same as your other one Josh?

Looks like a good base model.

Easiest way to deal with that rust is to find a cheap replacement door IMO.

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Nothing much at the moment..
mother wants me to get used to the car, so at the moment -
Tomorrow -
Back to black the arches!
1) get rid of LS badge (leaving bumpstrips & back badges on for now..)

in near future
2) get blue interior lights
3) get spigott rings for my alloys and slap them on
4) wire up blue L.E.Ds for behind centre console and the clock
5) slap my 6x9s in there and my stereo

thats all for now.. also want to make myself a stealth shelf, not sure how though..

I have a month to wait until i can afford the deposit on my insurance so will be trying to get as much of this done as possible..

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