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Digital dashboard from Astra GTE Mk2 8v or 16v
both plugs (white and black) and Astra loom (Try and get most of those)
Astra GTE Mk2 road speed sender Lots of connector blocks

You will have to work it out yourself.

Before starting this job, it's important to make a wiring diagram! your car may be slightly
different. A word of warning - the trailer light uses the black wire, which
is the same wire as the live wire! So if you have a trailer hitch be careful
in how you wire that up! For those who don't have one, don't use that wire!
Unless you need an extra telltale.

If your car doesn't have an oil pressure sender - it will read maximum
permantely. But the oil pressure telltale will be a red ring around the oil
can symbol. DISCONNECT THE BATTERY! In case you short something out! Or
connect the live/earth wire together by accident! Remove the old dashboard
and sunshield. Move the dash back just a bit, get your hand around the back,
and feel for the speedometer cable and push the lever to make the cable pop
out. Then move the dash further out of the surround and remove the black
plug by pushing 2 catches on the sides of the plug. Then remove 5 screws to
remove the bottom of the steering column shroud. You will need to move the
steering wheel to vertical position to access 2 screws. Now the scary part -
cut off the old plug! But in case you find you can't use the dash, don't
completely cut off the plug - leave a bit of wire in case! Strip the wires
in the Corsa loom and screw ALL wires into the connector blocks - even ones
you don't need - better be safe than sorry! Strip the Astra plug's loom if
not already done so. Now connect all the wires. Now, the Corsa loom has only 2 browns and a black wire, so put all
browns into a single connector block, and run 2 spare wires to each of the
plug's browns, and do the same for the black one. For the indicator, don't
use the black/white wire with the green dot - run a wire from the indicator
switch. For each indicator (left and right), cut the corresponding wire
(i.e. black/green or white) and run it to the connector block at the Astra
loom. Don't do the speedometer cable yet.
Check all connector blocks to check all connections. Now it's the scary bit
and check the dash! Position the dash on the shroud and reconnect the
battery and turn the ignition on. The dash should start its self-checking
sequence. Engine management light and handbrake light should light up. Check
the headlamps. Turn the side lamps on to see a little symbol of a bulb light
up - that's an extra telltale because the dash is lit all the time whereas
the old one is only lit when the side lamps are on. Check main beam, left
and right indicator, and hazard switch. Also check brake fluid warning light
(Take out the sender out of the brake fluid tank and pour the fluid out of
the sender into the tank - WARNING - DON'T get any dirt in the tank!!! And
brake fluid is a bit harmful. If everything lights up - well done! If not,
check connections. If the connections seems ok, try changing bulbs (only
change bulbs with the same number on the top!), or try changing to a
different telltale (like changing from right indicator to ABS telltale for
example). Now the final part! The Speedo!

Remove the old Speedo cable, unscrew the sender. Pull out the rubber gasket
off the Speedo cable - use soap - it helps. Toss the old cable away. Screw
in the new sender, thread the wires through the gasket and to the dash's
connector block blocks - and connect the wires to the right colours. Making
oil pressure Gauge work:
If you have an Sri, GSi or any model with an oil pressure gauge (normally
with it will work fine but any model without one will need an 2 pin oil
pressure sender, these aren't't available as an aftermarket part so its off
to Vauxhall with a lot of money (around £70) or off to the scrap yard to
find one they are located on the rear of the sump and are round aprox (4cm x
3cm) with 2 wires coming off (a single wire is no use because you already
have that type) and are direct replacements for the standard one. On the
1.2i the extra wire is taped up higher up the loom (just follow it) and all
other cars will need to wire direct to the dash. For all engines now: Now go
for a test drive! Don't put in the dash in yet - just drive. The dash will
not register speed under 5mph so don't worry yet! If it doesn't't work
- check all connections! And check bulbs too - if u think some bulbs are
blown check them using a meter. When you are happy with the dash, turn the
ignition off, remove the dash. Arrange all connector blocks into the little
"cave" at the back, so when you push the dash in it will all go in the
little cave. Then plug the dash in, push the dash in, and you're done!
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