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I've taken all 3 of my cars here for everything required since 2009 and I have found them to be consciencious, knowledgeable and careful with my cars, particularly my prized Astra Coupe, which although is very low, the garage have never scuffed the splitter on the MOT ramp.

They have always tried to save me money wherever it is appropriate to do so.

A job that I was especially pleaed with this year was when they carried out a partial restoration on the underside of my Corsa, replacing the front crossmember and the lower offside 1/4 of the rear valance and then de-rusting and undersealing the whole underside of it. Their work was neat and accurate, so much so that I had trouble working out which side of the rear valance was the welded on bit when they showed me on the ramp!

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