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Hi All there seems to be a lot of running issues on here, i think it comes down to this, is the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) on or off, firstly make sure it works, goes on and off etc, if it flashes now and then it wont store a fault code, i believe it has to stay on at least 5 seconds to store a code, now depending on the year you can test for codes on early ones with a paperclip, on later ones you can do it by pressing the brake and throttle both at the same time while turning the ignition key on, you may have to turn it off and on twice, finishing with it on, don't start the engine. on 2000 to 2005 check to see what the MIL light does, it will come up with all sorts of numbers, if it flashes 10 times that indicates 0 (zero) but count all the flashes and make a 4 or 5 figured number, think its 4, then put a P in front of it, that's the EOBD number, google it to see what it is, i dont know how you clear them, on 2005 models onwards you do same procedure but look at mileometer instead, but i have a cheap and cheerful tester i just plug in off ebay, does EOBD 2, cost £20.

But the point is, if the light is on write down the numbers and clear the codes, try it again see if they come back, if they do you will get some idea what the problem is, if you have no codes and it runs bad, assume it must be something the engine management can't a blocked exhaust, it does happen, CATS break up, or air leak or resticted air flow, maybe weak fuel pump or blocked fuel filter, poor air filter, some systems cant even reconise a misfire, so could be plugs or coils etc...binding brakes even, low timing out, possibly some how ignition timing out..have heard of a fuel pressure regulator with diaphram gone and the vacuum hose was sucking a load of fuel straight into the inlet manifold...there are all sorts of things that can not effect the engines computer, sometimes you get a clue with the MIL light, you could have a split hose and it tells you the MAF sensor is faulty, all related...Last thing don't let you fuel tank run too low it will draw up all sorts of crap from the tank, and block the system, some pumps have a primary filter on the pump inlet in the tank, can you believe that. Beware of codes that are already in there, someone might have pulled a plug off to try to see if something works and created a code like that, so you have to delete them and try again so you know what's what.....anyway good luck from Fred in Essex.
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