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Hi guys, another issue, I went on a long drive on Saturday, London and back and didn't play music(have amp+sub) much at all, so yesterday I tried to change my fog bulbs as I got new ones, wanted to see if old or new were better, anyways was headache doing it, so had ignition on and also sidelights and turned fogs on and off for around 45mins or so, maybe less.

Ok so my heater stopped working few days ago, only works on level/speed 4 so it was technically on 3 as next is 4 which need to be on to turn heating on, so not sure if it being on 3 takes power? even though heating doesn't turn on till speed 4.

So went to couple places today, they said alternator battery is ok, I just wish to know one would this 45 mins of lights ignition on drain the battery to point it wont start? Also only took few hours to fully charge according to my charger.

My Batters in 50AH and I believe around 360CCA

I wish to upgrade the battery whats most powerful battery I can get? and will the CCA or 5o Ah make difference to me? thankx
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