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I've decided to sell my corsa, I just want something different / faster. I've owned the car for 11 months, and have had no engine troubles etc. 12000 miles have been added since i've owned it, and it has never broke down.

Model: Vauxhall Corsa B, 1.2 16v Club 3dr.
MOT: The car is having an MOT tonight, and will pass without problems
Mileage: As its standing now 56540
Taxed Until: August 2007

Modifications: There hasn't been much work done to the car.
Tigra Scuttle
4X Corsa C sxi alloys
Kamei grill
-60mm Gmax springs ( done less than 300 miles )
Sony Xpold CD player
Side Repeaters
Smoothed rear bumper
Colour Coded Arches

The car comes with all documents, and a service history from day one.

It's recently had a great, regular service and has had:
Oil Change
Standard full exhaust, centerbox & backbox
4 Tyres 2300 miles ago
Plus a new Air Flow Meter

Bad Points:

The Bonnet has small rust bubbles starting to come through the paintwork, but is faint at the moment

Has a dent above the arch on the drivers side, done by a shopping trolley in Tesco.

Front bumper is scuffed, I have a spare post 97 bumper which I would give away with the car, but it isn't black.

Paint has peeled at the top of the rear bumper

This hasn't happened due to a crash, it was because too much primer was put on the bumper before spraying.

Tiny dent in the pillar of the car, really isn't noticable

Pictures of the corsa:

Spare boot

The paintwork in general is really good on the corsa, it's well looked after and by me it has been polished once a month since i've owned it.

The shell itself is very clean, with little or no rust

The Interior is standard except for the cd player

Im not sure what I want next, im open to offers aswell, base price of the car is £1500, thats for the car as it stands, a boot / genuine spoiler / irmscher spoiler with brake light, also a spare front bumper.
Would be happy to p/x mine against something else aswell.

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Thanks mate, got it back from its MOT before and......

... It passed with no problems :D, one of the side reps hadn't got an orange bulb, and thats all they could find :laugh:
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