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Not long ago I posted about a corsa, I didn't buy it as it came up with some problems, he wanted £1000 and it had problems for instance a broken door mirror and claimed the indicator stalk was broken and was making the engine warning light come on. However he was willing to replace them for me.

A week later I was talking to a mate as I actually know the guy selling the car and he said the engine warning light was because off the CO2 sensor. He did replace the door mirror and the sensor but I was still unsure if their was more problems.

I get a phone call today from him saying it will be ready for the weekend and I can have it for £850 I asked why the cheap price all of the sudden and he said its because he needs to get rid off it, and also needs the space for the new cars he is getting.

Do I trust this information and think it is done or think he is hiding something from me ? what should I look out for?

Car is a 2002 Corsa life 1.0L
The car has been brought new from his family nan brought it passed it onto her granddaughter then she sold it to him so has 3 owners car has 71000 miles and was serviced at the garage up till 2008 until he started doing it.
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