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My first thoughts on this, was that the buzzing may be from the throttle body.
On your car, I believe that you have what is commonly referred to as a 'fly by wire' throttle, meaning that there isn't a conventional throttle linkage between the pedal and the throttle body, the actual throttle being opened electrically.

Thinking about it, however, there is also a possibility that it isn't from the throttle (at either end) but COULD simply be down to some part of the car - possibly the exhaust heat shield, resonating at certain road or engine speeds.

Before spending money that may not need to be spent anyway, I would suggest that you put the car on ramps (or use axle stands) to examine the aluminium heat shield under the car, making sure that the fixings haven't corroded - There is an even easier heat shield to check, that is the one over the exhaust manifold, this only requires you to open the bonnet in order to check it.

Do let us know what you find, we then might be able to advise further.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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