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Two Roose Motorsport 90 degree bends 76mm (3 inch)

One 90degree hose, made by Ash, 76mm (3 inch)

One Roose Motorsport dipstick to rocker hose

Two corsa b tie bar bushes

C20xe/c20let mini loom - 4 pin

4 ht leads, two red two black (was my colour theme) all
Perfectly! Could do with a clean but will come up lovely

FPR blanking Plate for xe/let engines - brand new

Roose Motorsport straight reducer pipe 76mm (3 inch) >2.5 inch. Brand new

Linkage made by Dewismotorsport for my f28 gearbox into a corsa, this was extended by 15mm (for those using a gearbox spacer when doing this conversion. Brand new bushes (dirty)
One day old.

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