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BTB manifold same a SBD type a manifold for sale made for corsa/ nova's with xe conversion £150
pics to be taken

c20xe ported and polished GM head with pours mod been skimmed too. with full gasket kit and head bolts. new exhaust studs and bolts GM ones!

c20xe diblas throttle boddies pretty much mint conditon with over £70 worth of red hoses no need for after market management these just bolt on inlet has been re painted and letters polished. more hose's not pictured included

stiffened engine mount for a xe

loads more bits to be listed!


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As said Iby. Stay on topic only comment if you are intending to buy.

You will of seen inlet manifold go for £250. No chance of TB's selling that low unless fubarred. He has priced them fairly. End of discussion. Now keep it on topic.
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