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What is the thickest oil I can use in my Corsa C 1.0ltr 2001 ?

The manual says 5/40.. When I buy, they ask for the reg No then give me 10/40.

I do a lot of motorway driving and want the engine to last.
Its done 70,000 and has been looked after, but does need topping up once a month (no leaks) so should I use a thicker oil?

There is a bit of cam noise when hot, but otherwise it's in good shape (and I want to keep it like that)

The oil I buy just seems so thin

Any help appreciated Th:cool:ank you

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Read this

This is worth a read.

I do know a bit about retired my dad was a research chemist for Burmah Castrol.....

although not cheap 5w 30 magnatec is the finest synthetic motor oil in the good you could almost fry chips in it.

When at castrol he used to say it was about finding the right car for their oil not the other way round ! and magnatec was too good for Cars.

Thicker oil wont give you start up protection which is when you need it most...not while motorway driving..magnatec affords optimum protection under all conditions and castrol have spent more developing it than GN have developing the corsa !
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