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I found this useful forum after I bought my Corsa Breeze 1.4 petrol, 1998, last week. Its was fine, but not any more
Any advise from you will be really helpful.
The engine sound is nice, it starts from cold very easy, never stops suddenly, radiator fan starts at 98 degrees , and switches off at 94-93. I don't know if this is normal or not. No black or blue fumes from exhaust. Just few drops of pure water when engine is cold.
Now the bad sides.
1st - Car trembles on idle. At 1500-2000 revs all becomes good, no shaking.
2nd - Its hard to move off. It shakes the car so hard first 2-3 seconds, Or I have to start on 2000 revs to escape terrible shaking.
3rd - Noise from exhaust. It sounds like a tractor working. And another noise is because exhaust pipe touches bumper. Exhaust is new. I can see its new, at least the last part of it.
This is my first car, though, I drove a lot my father's cars. Any advise will be helpful, please.
And can you recommend any proper Vauxhall service with long working hours please? I live in east London.
Thank you very much for any info.

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i would start with the cheapest fix first.....
check your intake pipes and air filter
spark plugs
air flow meter
exhaust manifold gasket
throttle body
sensors (crank/cam)
loose wiring

if all them seem fine then look into getting it plugged in at a garage
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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