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(Wasn't sure whether to put this in General or Humour) (Also potentially old but w/e)

So there's this new search engine but the genius thing about it is that you can get an American to search to internet for you. Even better, you get to chat to them whilst they do it. type something in, then click search. When the web results come up, just under the search box there's a little link that says "Chat with a Live Guide". Blah Blah etc, then you can chat with them lol. Obviously nobody except old people us this thing properly, it's only bored annoying people.

Post your best ones here!

I'll start off with:

Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: Brandt(81601)
Brandt(81601): Welcome to ChaCha!
Brandt(81601): Hello there!
You: Hello BrandT
You: Brandt!*
You: no I'm not after an ornamental squirrel
Brandt(81601): Please look this over while I find you some more results...
You: I'm after some advice, could you help?
Brandt(81601): Sure
You: Would you recommend a sedimentary or an igneous rock as being the most effective for clubbing squirrels?
Brandt(81601): Let me see what I can find...
You: No, I'm asking for your personal opinion
You: Americans do have personal opinions don't they?
Brandt(81601): I'm only allowed to provide internet results
Brandt(81601): and yes... this is an imperialist country
Brandt(81601): We can't say too much out loud
Brandt(81601): sorry
You: Well I'm asking for your personal opinion on squirrel clobbering
Brandt(81601): Well... we love our guns here
Brandt(81601): and wouldn't waste our time with any other means
You: What if you put a rock in a gun
You: what wo uld you use
Brandt(81601): Sedimentary
You: and is it true that American bullets are always set to friendly fire?
Brandt(81601): Always
Brandt(81601): Did these results provide the information you were looking for?
You: Why is that?
You: No, but your advice did
You: thanks
You: I'll go club a few squirrels
You: have you ever eaen roadkill?
Brandt(81601): They are that way to prevent any aggressive action
Brandt(81601): We only act defensively
Brandt(81601): No, never eaten it
Brandt(81601): It is legal to bag it here though
Brandt(81601): Happy to assist you... have a great day!
Brandt(81601): Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended
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