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Alright guys, it's about time I started another project thread. This time its not a corsa :eek:

I bought my first mx5 3 weeks ago and I've named him: Chalupa Batman. lol

1.6 Japanese Import.

Soon as I got the car I was ready to start tarting him up for the public to see.

So I Bought and fitted:

Kit Car Wing mirrors

New Handbrake / Gear gaiters
Jass performance Center console Cupholders
Jass performance Metal Dial cluster cover
Jass performance Side front number plate holder (RED)
12 x 6 Number plate

Waiting for delivery:

New Gear Knob - Black & Red
Roll of Suede to wrap some of the interior.

Collecting tomorrow:

MX-5 16" Eclipse Alloy wheels off a kind Member off here (OneHillSide)

Other plans:
Mx5 Dash Mat
Rear Seat Roll Bars

Coilover Kit
Exhaust System & 4-2-1 Manifold
K&N Panel Filter + Drilled Standard Box
Engine / Rear / Under car Struts

1.8 Brake Set up
350MM Steering Wheel

Future plans:
Force induction Turbo / Supercharger - "Depending what I want at the time"
Other engine mods.


Wheels that I've collected yesterday

More Pictures to follow [:)]

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no they havn't only a small amount of arse people left like jt. the rest are still here.

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I work in Stevenage, currently living in luton.. if krazzedude wants to meet up ( No **** ) I'm up for it.. Be nice to see another mx5

Oh gawd.. JT you're still here!?
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