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Having lost their challenges, Clayton Lewis and Chris Chang were forced to Fifa 16 Coins Ps at

FIFA 15 Coins Leveling perform a 192m Sky Jump which was all filmed and go on Breakfast TV.

You will find there's competitive spirit within most dressing rooms, as well as a challenge thrown down within team-mates rarely goes unaccepted.

But while New Zealand's U-20s are not any different, this duel between Kiwi colleagues had regarding green little added spice. In the end, when coach Darren Bazeley spoke of "taking training to new heights", he meant it literally. So that as if the keep-uppy challenge about the sky deck of Auckland's Sky Tower - a narrow strip of metal 195 metres from earth - wasn't nerve-wracking enough, there is yet another element to consider. The loser had to jump!

That dubious honour ultimately belonged to Clayton Lewis, with a smiling Deklan Wynne in a position to watch on the top as his midfield colleague was strapped in and sent plummeting on the streets below.

Read the video and gallery for footage plus much more images because of this spectacular stunt, all staged to enhance the upcoming FIFA U-20 World Cup New Zealand 2015.
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