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pair of Chrome interior door handles , again a nice subtle OEM mod very simple to do plenty of guides out there take 5 minutes and looks and feels much better afterwards, these are MINT i have a pair of these

(little smudge mark from my paws pmsl rest assured these are lovely and mint)

£6 posted- postage is recorded and tracked

Fiat Punto rear wiper and the proper nut that goes with this wiper, it looks IMO shed loads better than the standard Corsa B one, much more smoother look and a definate mod for the OEM guys amongst us or just to tidy the rear of your corsa while keeping the usefullness of a rear wiper!:cool:

in really good condition as can be seen i even put a new blade in there so you done need to do no messing around other than unbolt your old wiper and put this on :thumbs:

£10 posted(postage is recorded and tracked)

Opel 1.6 16v cam cover has a mark on the silver bit(top right and by the oil cap bit-oil cap mark will be covered when you put the cap on) but apart from that in good used condition -

£15 posted again recorded/tracked

all items are here ready to be sent out , prices incude postage so please bear that in mine - priced to hopefully sell - pm me!
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