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2.5" bore corsa exhaust system £100
C20xe built block £50
bare block £10
stainless rocker cover bolt kit £8 posted
Corsa sport seats £20 mint need space
Calibra equal length 300 bhp shafts £50
Superchips original early gte Rare ECU £50
Astra MK3 GSI body kit, door cards, grill, head lights, two sets of rear lights, side skirts and more.. £200
Sparco bucket seat with corsa B fitment. *** hole in it. Fixed seats. £25

Job lot of XE stuff £650 collected:

Built block,
bare block
two or three Heads
Loads of Shafts.
Loads of Cams and pulleys,
Starter motors,
coil pack looms.
Many ECUs. Some may be cihpped
XE flat flywheel early x 3
Corsa coilovers TX sport
Big brakes 2.0, v6 brakes too.
f20 gearbox, needs a diff cover and release bearing which I will give a new one too.
F18 Gearbox fully working.
2 rocker covers, 2 Vauxhall L plates
2 late cranks
tappets, rods, engine internals.
Clutches + clutch plates,
XE 2 bolt flange original uncut manifold

Many many more stuff in boxes. if someone comes to collect I will throw in loads of other crap.

Pics at request, and will get some down here later.
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Can post small items. Would prefer if someone can collect the above list!

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Have your got a decent alternator there?

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Have your got a decent alternator there?
Not a decent one unfortuantely.
The one that was off my c20xe late non v belt type was decent until I poked a screw driver in it and bent on of the internal fins - need to open it up and rebend to shape. Easy to do if you can crack case up.

the V belt one bearings seems a little light to me compared to another one I am now using. Maybe its been worn out or maybe the one I am using is too tight. Not sure if they are supposed to be that easy to rotate.

Thats my truth..
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