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CMWebHosting - Allcorsa Easter Special

As registered members of Allcorsa it is always a nice day when you get offered discounts for things that may usually be expensive

As we have noticed recently a huge amount of traffic coming from Allcorsa and a few general enquires about hosting pictures for project builds, we have introduced our new Package just for you here at Allcorsa !!!!

Please then select what type of currancy you would like to pay in, also if you would like to register your own Private Domain or by all means take us up on a Free Subdomain Offer

£1 per month or £5 per year

Included in this package is the following

500MB Diskspace
50GB Bandwidth
Hotlinking Enabled (meaning you can post direct to the Allcorsa Forums)

If you have any questions please feel free to either PM me via Allcorsa or visit our website and talk to a rep.

For Those People Who Order, who are also going to PVS, there will be a special something for you to collect at PVS on Sunday (when i get there)

Many Thanks & Happy Easter

Offer Now Extended Until 30th April
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