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I have come across similar posts but still can't find a solution

I have a Corsa D 2007 at 45,000 miles. Recently started to notice coolant loss, having to top up often mainly after short journeys.

Temp gauge increases to 100/101 usually when in traffic and fan kicks in about this time. Took it to vauxhall as I assumed head gaskit because of the mayo on oil cap, diagnostics came back negative and they said oil of cap is normal even after I do long motorway journeys :-/

Vauxhall said they couldn't find no leaks or loss of water when with them and said they had no signs of gaskit failure.

Vauxhall said they hadn't checked for a crack in the head as this is a costly process.

The car is used for long journeys and as I'm a young female I'm now too scared to do any long distance in case it is something serious, making this car nearly useless to me at the moment. I'm stuck on what to do next really or what to check maybe?

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Coolant Loss

You don't say which engine you have, but I would have thought that a Vauxhall dealer would have at least suggested the possibility (depending upon which) of the coolant pump gasket failing. - Are there any signs of coolant 'beads' on the dipstick when it has been stood for a while?

Until you get this problem diagnosed, I would suggest that you carry round with you a container of coolant mix (Vauxhall coolant or G12 plus plus/G13) made up as a 50/50 mix with water. BUT do NOT remove the filler cap when the engine is at normal operating temperature as there is a very great risk of scalding!! Also, do NOT put cold coolant into a hot engine.

Quite often, a coolant leak will show up as a chalky deposit around the site of the leak, but I would have thought that the dealers would have checked for this.
Another little check that you cam make is straight away after stopping a hot engine, lift the bonnet and LISTEN for any hissing sound - if there is one, try and locate it quickly, as when the engine cools down it will stop hissing.

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