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Hope someone can help with my problem?

Have a Corsa 1.2 16v b X12XE year 2000

Have had a diagnostics done Code P0130 (002) O2 Sensor Circuit Voltage Low

This indicates a Lamda Sensor fault, but my engineer suspects its something else. Hes not even sure its the MAF (Original GM model)

When I start the car cold and try and accelerating it will choke, but after a minute will pull away fine.

Then when I accelerate to around 3000rpm and especially up hill the engine management light comes on and she chokes, as soon I take my foot off the gas the light goes out and power returns.

We have replaced the Thermostat and sensor as they had failed, cleaned the MAF and most electrical contacts, but no joy.

Feel this could get expensive as I now feel I'm going to have to start throwing bits at it - the suck and see method

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Welcome to the Forum.

The cold start problem sounds as if it could be temperature sensor connected.
A new thermostat would NOT help with this problem and some after-market sensors leave a lot to be desired, was the replacement sensor a genuine GM part?

The problem under load, may or may not be related, you could try unplugging the MAF sensor and driving with it unplugged, this will put the light back on, but if the car drives better, then you need a new MAF sensor.
Is the servicing up-to-date? If not, a FULL service, including new spark plugs, fuel filter and possible air cleaner element won't do any harm and could sort your problems.

It might pay to clear those fault codes and see if they return - they may turn out to be obsolete codes.

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